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About Us

About cui

Born in 1994 within the School of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires to fulfill student’s needs regarding foreign language learning. Shortly after and as the result of a university extension project the language programs were made available to the community at large and the School of Economy of the University of Buenos Aires.

Today, 20 languages are taught at CUI: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Spanish for foreign students, and 3 Aboriginal Languages (Mapuche, Quechua and Guaraní), among others. To meet the needs of its nearly 20 thousand students CUI offers an extensive time schedule, ten venues strategically located around the city and in the suburbs, spacious classrooms, a bookstore, a multimedia workshop, a cafeteria, a library, and a variety of services, all of which help optimize study and recreational time.

All language programs at CUI are a natural extension of the university’s activities. Course contents at CUI have been duly approved by the Academic Council of the School of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires and by the Department of Education of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

CUI is well known for the quality of its programs and of its teaching staff. Teacher training is constant during the year, whether in seminars inside the Center or outside.

A distinct feature of the Center is the outstanding diversity in terms of ideology, educational background, life experience, and age of its student population. These are key factors that contribute to enrich classroom activities and help promote discussion and debate as a means of language acquisition.

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Centro Universitario de Idiomas (CUI)

-> Principal: Roberto Diego Villarruel
-> Executive Director: Carlos Leopoldo Bell
-> Financial Director: Norma Cano
-> Acedemic Director: María Teresa Cañás de Davis

About CUI’s Spanish Language Department

Created in 1998 to satisfy the growing demand from students and travelers from around the world visiting Buenos Aires to learn the local language and culture.

Shortly after the Spanish language department became a hub for those foreigners seeking for Argentine higher education programs, due to CUI’s large net of cooperation with local universities, both public and private, in which students could find undergraduate and graduate careers, short-term programs, seminars, and the typical Study Abroad programs on a semester or summer formats, with subjects rendering credits and taught in English (on demand), along with Spanish language courses.

The Spanish Language Department teaches Spanish to more than 800 foreign students and is renowned for its academic quality and competitive prices for Spanish language teaching.

The Spanish Language Department executes a proactive overseas recruitment policy, having achieved a rapid success in educational markets such as China, USA, Brazil and some parts of the European Union, by means of a permanent and strong presence in educational fairs such as NAFSA or the China Education Expo, official trade missions, and individual visits to colleague universities and educational institutions in the aforementioned countries and regions.


About our Staff

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Administration Staff

The Spanish Language Department is supported by the following members who assist our international students on a daily basis, both inside and outside the classroom, looking after students´ needs not only with their learning process but also with general advisory about their life in Buenos Aires. Get to know them:

Administrative Affairs Supervisor: Daniela Alen
Chinese Affairs advisor: Priscila Franzetti

Academic Staff

The Spanish Language Program for Foreign students is designed and monitored by the following academic specialists, highly trained in teaching Spanish as a second and foreign language:

Academic Supervisor: Sonia Sobek / Marcela Bianchi
Supervisor of Cultural Activities: Nora Grosman

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What do you like most about the Students Department?

"I really enjoy the extracurricular activities. Also Overall I must say that they were Very nice and helpful, specially with administrative issues"

Samantha Ann Herbst
United States

What do you like most about the Students Department?

"The staff is very kind, and were very helpful through the entire enrollment process."

Gregor Van Waning

What do you like most about the teachers of the Spanish Program?

"They are very nice, patient and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure to have them."

Ricardo Roque da Silva

What do you like most about the teachers of the Spanish Program?

"They teach with examples that can be used in the everyday life."

Theodorus Widjaja

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, a mild weathered costal city, lies on the right bank of the River Plate (‘Río de la Plata’). It is the Heart of Argentina, famous in Latin America for its culture, beauty and door to South America.

It combines tradition and modernism. A noticeable European influence in its architecture and the dressing style of its people, named Buenos Aires as “the Paris of Latin America”.

Well-known for its hospitality, multiculturalism is depicted in every corner of the city.

Numerous art galleries, theaters, exhibit halls, movie theaters, museums, are proof of an intense cultural life that features local and international artists performing, exhibiting or showing at all times during the year in Buenos Aires.

Food enjoys a wide variety of ethnic offer, including fine, international-class restaurants and bars, found in quarters such as Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo Viejo, Las Cañitas, San Telmo, and even the Downtown, where visitors can taste some of the best beef, pasta, and wines in the world.

The city is also famous for its nightlife, with more than a hundred discos, dancing halls and clubs scattered around. Buenos Aires is birthplace of “tango”, the sensual dance that has captivated the world.

Click on a picture to find out what our students are saying:

What do you like most about the Students Department?

"My Girlfriend is Porteña, that's why I wanted to know this country with the best night life, the parties, and the wine."

Theodorus Widjaja

What do you like most about Buenos Aires and Argentina?

"I like the personality of the Porteños. They are funny, opened minded, positive, friendly, and passionate. I also love places like Iguazú falls, the glaciers in the South, and the Andes mountains."

Gregor Van Waning