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Cultural Activities

At CUI we are committed to making the best out of your language acquisition experience during your stay in Buenos Aires. Learning a language means soaking up the local culture and expanding your understanding of Spanish. To do so, we have designed a guide with the cultural activities for you to keep learning and improving your Spanish skills in a fun and dynamic way. Learning continues outside the classroom!

These activities have been specially chosen for their cultural relevance, and planned according to the student’s proficiency in Spanish. They vary from month to month to ensure renovation of the activity program. Some of them include visiting the historical Plaza de Mayo and its emblematic Casa Rosada and Cabildo, the picturesque La Boca quarter and its traditional Caminito street, the Colón Theatre (ranked amongst the best top 5 in the world), the Malba Museum, which holds one of the most important contemporary Latin American art collections, and Evita Museum, where you will learn about this Argentine iconic First Lady.

If what you’re after is a more folkloric experience off the mainstream tourism, Matadero’s fair craft activity is absolutely a non-miss. Combining rural and urban activities, you will witness all type of Argentine cultural expressions: folk dances and music, rural activities and entertainments, indigenous and rural handcrafts, regional foods and much more.

Shows are also a big part of our cultural offer. Bomba de Tiempo is an improvisation percussion band that interacts with the audience creating a unique atmosphere and making each concert unpredictable every single time. And of course, you will experience Tango attending a show with live orchestra, dancers and singers in a dazzling scenery. CUI takes you to the must-see tango show in town.

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Aditional Information

-> There are two types of cultural activities: mandatory and optional activities.
-> Mandatory cultural activities are included in the tuition fee and are part of the Study plan.
-> Some optional activities may require additional expenditures.
-> Cultural activities (both types) vary from month to month.
-> Due to a limited number of vacancies in our optional activities, it is necessary to confirm your attendance by filling a form or by e-mail to



At CUI, we offer different accommodation options to meet our students’ requirements, varying from hostels, hotels to student residences and family homestay. These options have all been checked out by our staff in order to guarantee our students’ safety and quality service, apart from being in constant contact with the Hosts. Having a close relationship with them is a key factor in case of emergency or eventuality.

A hostel, a student residence or a family homestay are all great ways of meeting people and keep practicing Spanish outside the classroom. The hotels we work with are both really charming and quiet, so you’ll be able to meet people and still have a good night rest. If you’re interested in meeting Spanish-speaking people, then you should rather go to one of our student residences where most of the guests are from inland Buenos Aires or Argentina, as well as from other countries of Latin America. Finally, if you’re looking for a 24h/7 immersion experience, a family homestay is the way to go. You will live with local people that will speak to you in Spanish from dawn to dusk and lead a porteño life (don’t worry, all households speak some English). The choice is up to you!

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